Eagle Eye Associates Insurance and Billing

Information In today’s marketplace, there are two types of insurance that our office handles; MEDICAL and VISION.

Insurance & Billing Information


We will make every attempt to work with both insurances.   To correctly provide eye care we ask that ALL pertinent information be presented at the time of scheduling the office visit.  Incorrect or partial information may result in expenses NOT covered and therefore a PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

In most cases, employers provide Medical Insurance.  This coverage may allow the employee to seek medical care that is not routine. Our office is equipped to handle these emergencies, “pink-eyes” and other non-routine office visits.  We will bill the Medical Insurance accordingly.

In some cases, employers may provide Vision Insurance which will cover ROUTINE eye exams and may help defer the costs associated with glasses and contacts.  The patient will be billed the difference between what their plan pays and the fees for services and materials.  These benefits change frequently, sometimes annually, as the employer looks for packages that are not only affordable but comprehensive.

Each insurance plan is administered independently.  We cannot be responsible for knowing each and every policy for each and every company.  Please contact the company HR liaison to investigate what benefits are available and the frequency with which they may be used.  We would be happy to supply contact names and numbers to help.

We have elected to participate with these companies that offer vision and/or medical coverage as long as they are reasonable and fair.

Billing Information

Full payment for services is due at the time of your appointment for any portions of the bill not covered by your insurer.
In many cases, we participate with your particular insurance plan, and can bill your insurance directly for the services you receive.
In all cases, you are responsible for any co-pays or deductibles associated with your policy.
When placing an order over the phone for contact lenses, we ask for payment in full.
A payment in full or a 50% deposit must be made prior to any order being processed.
You are important to us, and we strive to answer any questions you have concerning your insurance coverage, and financial situation.

Medical/Health Plans

Cigna Blue Cross Aetna IBC

United Healthcare medicare highmark

Vision Plans

vba eyemed vsp